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Robert Zietara

Dear friends and art lovers thank you for visiting my website. I feel a great joy when I can share a bit of my world with some other people!

A Few words about myself: I am Polish born artist, married father of two children and resident of Greece, Germany, Cyprus and Norway.

My artworks are very technically advanced and at the same time have an overwhelming atmosphere of mystery, illusion and slight anxiety. My constant search for something indefinite, often goes far beyond the limits of the human mind. My creations are full of symbols and thought-provoking details shown in the background of surreal landscapes. 

Many of my art works have been selected for various publication in the United States for music album’s cover, book’s cover, illustration for magazines and poems. In additon I got recogition by IX Arts Association, the world's leading organization dedicated to the contemporary imaginative realism.

At first I painted photo-realistic images but over time I developed a real passion for imaginative realism and surrealism and this now the main focus of my work.



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